These are two photos of a collaboration project that Brian Gladwell and I worked on in Purchase, NY. Brian Gladwell is a Canadian furniture maker who also works with corrugated cardboard. He has been at Purchase all semester long as a visiting artist in the wood department.

In the first two days at Purchase we experimented with steaming/bolting and torching stacked cardboard. We thought it might be nice to work outside of our comfort zone. Sometime on Tuesday we had a great idea generating session and came up with a coffee table design. It did not use any of our earlier experiments, but was a nice mixture of our aesthetics.

The table in the images will still need finish and will also need to be assembled (it is only propped up in the photos). The one side of the table is shaped and filled with plaster. The other side is shaped and treated with a chainsaw texture. The surface height of the table is jogged from the plaster forms to the chainsaw forms. The body of the table is resting on solid walnut crosspieces that have been ebonized. The table will be finished with a clear matte lacquer.

Table (collaboration with Brian Gladwell)
Table (collaboration with Brian Gladwell)
corrugated cardboard, plaster, walnut
40" x 22" x 16"